SHELF LIFE: What's on our walls

Whether or not you think that actual books are becoming relics of a pre-digital era  (it should be said - we still like flipping through paper) books make the best wall-candy. And there are so many ways of architecturally integrating bookshelves into living spaces.

You don't necessarily want the vessel which displays these beautiful items to detract from the books themselves.  There are many options for bookshelves and they usually fall into two categories: built-ins and free standing shelves.  Free standing shelves can be a nightmare for new parents and/or anyone in Los Angeles or earthquake prone areas.  Built-ins can be lovely but don't provide the flexibility inherent to free-standing shelves.  So is there be a happy medium?  The answer is yes. The answer is Atlas Industries.

We love Atlas shelves.  The AS4 Modular system they provide is a wall-mounted, modular product which integrates shelves and drawers to your liking.  You can pick from their standard finishes of white oak, maple or walnut.  In our project in the pre-war 14 Sutton Place South (NYC), we used the walnut finish and in Tuxedo Park we customized them to be white lacquer to fit in with the predominately white living room interior.   These shelves are elegant and simple yet they have a crafted, warm character to them.  The best part?  You can take them with you when you move.  We know because we have relocated our walnut shelves three times and have reconfigured them to different room sizes. 

So check out our little  literary secret: